Registration & Clearance Info

Welcome to Tiger Athletics! We are very pleased that your student has chosen to participate in the Douglas High School Athletic Program. Douglas High School has earned respect around the state for the hard play of its athletes and the sportsmanship of its players, coaches, and fans.

Click here to REGISTER MY ATHLETE online.

Click here for 2018-19 brochure for student accident insurance.

*All other necessary forms for athletic registration are on the left side below "Forms."

Parent Step-by-Step Guide to Register my Athlete

To register an athlete for a Douglas High Sport, parents need to establish an account for the student at RegisterMyAthlete. (RMA). Each athlete must register each year. Parent instructions are listed below.

*NIAA is requiring all Nevada Schools to register all athletes online at RegisterMyAthlete (RMA).

  1. Go to:
  2. If you already have an account and want to register for a new sport in different season/year, login and skip to step 13.
  3. If you are registering a student for the first time, please click
    Please Note: Parents will create one account; adding additional students (i.e. siblings/foreign exchange) to the same account.
  4. On the Account Creation page please enter the parent/guardian information, not the student information.
  5. Click
  6. You will be taken to the login portal (pictured below) and click Parent.
  7. Terms of Use Page – You must read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  8. Once agree, click Submit.
  9. You will be taken to the Register My Athlete (RMA) Landing Page and offered a quick tour that will show you a few of the buttons; the tour is optional.
  10. Click on My Athletes; then Add A New Athlete.
  11. Enter the student’s information, completely and accurately. You will add the student’s current HIGH school on this page as well. Note: Any field with an asterisk (*) is required.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. The next page will be the Student Profile. Note: ALL fields under Athlete Profile need to be completed; click on the field to expand and click “Click Here to Edit”.
  14. Once the Athlete Profile is complete, click on New Registration.
  15. The next page will be the Registration Checklist. Click “Select School”. Click on the school button, or type name of school if not correct.
  16. Click “Select Athlete”.
  17. On the pop-up window select the student you wish to register for a sport, or click “Add New Athlete”.
  18. Click “Select Year/Sport”.
  19. Select the Academic Year; then select the sport the student wishes to participate in. Verify selection on the pop-up window.
  20. Click “Nevada Questionnaire”.
  21. Click on “High School Check” and answer the questions as they appear. Note: These questions will help the system decide if the student is a transfer or not.
  22. Complete (Read/Answer/E-sign) each section that appears in the NIAA Forms list. Note: Not all Forms will appear for every student.

    Documents that will/may need to be uploaded: Transcript (with most recent semester grades) / Proof of Abandonment of Previous Property (i.e. proof of sale, ending lease agreement, final/closing utility bill, etc.) / Proof of Current Address (i.e. utility bill, ID w/ current address, lease agreement, etc.) / Proof of Primary Physical Custody (i.e. Divorce decree or subsequent order with judges signature) / Hardship Documentation (documentation that supports the hardship claim)
  23. Once all Forms are completed (greed), click “Continue”.
  24. Confirm you are ready to submit registration/transfer by clicking “OK” on the popup. Once “OK” is clicked the registration/transfer is submitted to the school and no more changes can be made at this time.

Step ONE: The school will review the registration/transfer. It will either be accepted; need more information; OR it will be submitted to the NIAA. If additional information is needed, the school will contact you by email (using the email address used to setup the Register My Athlete account) or by phone.
Step TWO: If the school submits it to the NIAA, it will be reviewed again for completeness. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by EMAIL only; using the account email address again. Once the transfer is submitted to be reviewed (status “Under Review”) it will be reviewed in the order in which it was received (completed). It can take up to 10-business days (or longer at the beginning of the season) for a decision to be made.

Athletic Clearance

For each season there is paperwork clearance night, but an athlete must only be cleared once per year. Cheerleading and Danceline have separate clearnce nights. The parent/athlete mandatory drug/alcohol contract and random drug testing presentations are offered online at the Athletics page on the DHS website on the left side under Drug Testing. Starting with the freshman year, a physical is required every two years.

Out of Season Participation / Club Sports

During the season, the athlete's primary commitment needs to be to the high school team that he/she is currently participating on. During the off-season, DHS adheres to NAC 386.696 (NRS 386.430). DHS does not require a pupil to participate in any athletic program for a sanctioned sport that is conducted before or after the season for that sanctioned sport. DHS does not require participation in any out-of-season activity to be able to participate in an upcoming sport.

*Click on the left side under "Forms" for the Off-Season Permit form.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students wanting to play a sport must have 2 or more credits and a 2.0 GPA or better from the previous semester to be eligible to play any sport.
  • Completed registration on line at (RMA) RegisterMyAthlete is required each school year in order to participate. Physicals are required every 2 years from the date of last physical if without injury.
  • Student and at least one parent must view the Drug Alcohol Presentation once during the high school career in order to participate in DHS Sports. This presentation is now online via the Douglas High Web Site.

*For Information on Athletic Eligibility, please click here.


Parents should make sure their child has medical insurance in case of injury. Click here for the Student Accident Insurance Brochure that provides different plans according to different needs, information about benefits, and instructions on how to enroll.


Athletes are required to travel to contests on district transportation. Any travel home after a contest on non-school district transportation must include:

  • Submission of the Transportation Release Form (found on the left side under "Forms") to the coach
  • The athlete only being released to a parent or guardian