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What is Career and Technical Education?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare for life after high school, future employment, and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education. CTE courses focus on:

  • Academic subject matter taught with relevance to the real world;
  • Employability skills, from job-related skills to workplace ethics;
  • Education pathways that help students explore interests and careers in the process of progressing through school.

Career and Technical Education

Discover Your Path: Career and Technical Education (CTE) opens doors to hands-on learning and specialized skills training, empowering students for success in today's dynamic job market. Explore our programs to forge your career journey with practical skills and real-world experience.

"I believe CTE programs provide students with transformative educational experiences, equipping them with practical skills, motivation, and purpose for future endeavors. By fostering hands-on learning and real-world application, CTE empowers students to excel in their chosen fields, ensuring they possess the valuable skills necessary for success in the evolving job market."Cade Baligad
CTE Director

Career and Technical Education Endorsement- Students who have met the requirements of a Career and Technical Education endorsement (CTE) program will receive a DHS diploma with CTE recognition. Selected members from the CTE program may receive recognition to be worn at the graduation ceremony. To earn a CTE endorsement the student must:

  • Complete a two-year, sequential, Career and Technical Education Program of Study prescribed by the State of Nevada with a minimum 3.0 GPA;
  • Satisfy the state academic of a standard high school diploma; and
  • Pass the CTE End of Program Examinations, Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment and End of Program Technical Skills Assessment.

Several of the CTE courses help qualify graduating students to earn diploma seals for STEM or STEAM. 

Career and Technical education (CTE) provide students with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare for life after high school, future employment, and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education.Douglas High School CTE Offerings

  • Advanced Computer Science
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Business
  • Culinary
  • Digital Game Development
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Military Science
  • Welding

See more about CTE with Nevada Department of Education.


Program Pathways


Advanced Computer Science

The Advanced Computer Science
program provides students a deeper
exploration in the study of computer
science and computational thinking to include algorithms and programming, computing systems, data and analysis, the impacts of computing, and networks and the internet.

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Learning Plants and Animal Systems • School Farm • Greenhouse  • Mock Veterinary Clinic • Floral Design Shop

  • Principles of Agriculture 
  • Animal Systems I
  • Advanced Agriculture Studies
  • Supervised Ag Experience


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automotive tools


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for postsecondary education and employment in the Automotive Technology industry.


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Explore the DHS BioMedical Sciences program, where students dive into human anatomy, health conditions, and medical research. Through hands-on learning, they investigate the body's systems, learn about disease prevention and treatment, and develop innovative solutions for modern health challenges. Our program will shape  the future of healthcare through practical exploration and transformative experiences.


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The Business Program offered at
Douglas High School provides a
variety of applicable, real-world
skills that will aid students in
their journey through college, the
workplace, entrepreneurship, and
many future endeavors.


  • Principles of Business & Marketing
  • Business Management I
  • Business Marketing 



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culinary arts

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is a career pathway that will expose students to the vast options in the hospitality industry. It is taught in a hands-on environment with production as well as theory behind each unit. Students gain real life experience in a professional kitchen with industry mentors guiding them through the course. 


More About Culinary


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digital game development

Digital Game Development

The Digital Game Development program provides students with the principles of game mechanics, Areas of study include programming, story and character development, and artistic theory and concepts to develop a game. 

Level 1 - Digital Game Dev I
This course is designed to introduce students to the elements and structure of game programming and design.

Level 2 - Digital Game Dev II
This course is a continuation of Digital Game Development I. This course provides intermediate digital game development students with instruction in advanced techniques and processes.

Level 3 DGD Advanced Studies
Students are expected to work independently or with a team

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Teaching Children


Earn up to 12 college credits while learning about a career in education! Explore modern learners and learning environments while spending time interning in classrooms throughout DCSD. Develop your understanding of education and your confidence in the classroom. 



Junior Year: 

  • EDU 110 in the Fall semester
  • EDU 112 in the Spring Semester

Senior Year: 

  • EDU 201/202 in the Fall Semester
  • EDU 206 in the Spring Semester




engineering principles


Our CTE high school engineering program is designed to inspire and  prepare the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and
leaders in the field of engineering. Through a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum that
blends theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experiences, students are equipped with the skills and understanding necessary to excel in various engineering disciplines and related careers.

Engineering Courses:

  • Engineering Foundations 1
  • Engineering Foundations 2
  • Engineering Foundations Advanced Studies


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Military Science

“Military Science provides young
adults the necessary lessons and
activities that develop them into more competent leaders and followers. The program allows cadets to be part of something bigger while having fun and creating life-long memories.”
- Ivan Euceda, Battalion Commander

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Douglas Welding  is a premier program in which we gain the needed skills to meet future opportunities while being safe and responsible. We strive to build future leaders who are goal oriented and have strong character.


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CTSO   - SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is the #1 workforce development organization for students. We empower students to become skilled professionals, career-ready leaders and responsible community members.  Whether you’re headed to college or right into the workforce after graduation, SkillsUSA is your launch pad for success.

SkillsUSA - Nationals