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We allow students in grades 11-12 to park in our parking lot with a parking permit. Underclassmen are required to submit a request to an administrator in advance.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits allow students to park in the school parking lot for the remainder of the school year. At the beginning of a new school year, students must purchase a new parking permit. To obtain a parking permit, pick up a form from the DHS front office, fill out the form and return it to the office with $10.00 and a copy of the driver's valid driver's license. Because of the limited spaces in the parking lot, all sophomores must have their parents fill out the sophomore parking application addendum located on the back of the parking permit application.

Parking Policies
  1. Parking at Douglas High School (DHS) is a privilege that can be revoked. Purchase of a parking pass does not guarantee a space, simply the right to park in the lot. When the lot is full the only appropriate place to park is on County Road.

  2. A copy of your valid Driver’s License must accompany your application.

  3. Parking at DHS requires a pass to be visible hanging from the rear-view mirror of the car.

  4. Parking tags are issued to students, not cars, and can be moved from car to car as needed.

  5. The speed limit at DHS is TEN (10) miles per hour.

  6. Students are to park south of the school in the areas that have been designated for student parking. Students are not to park in posted handicapped parking (unless appropriate), NO-PARKING ZONE end caps, fire lanes, staff parking, or the bus lanes.

  7. Our neighbors on Pinewood Drive continue to request that our students not park there. This area should be considered off limits.

  8. The cost for a parking permit is $10. 

  9. Tags will not be issued until this completed form is returned to the office with the fee.

  10. Stolen tags need to be reported immediately. New tags may be purchased for $10.

  11. Parking tag sales are limited to Juniors and Seniors through September 3. After this date, Sophomores and their parents, who wish to purchase a tag are being asked to complete the back of this sheet. Due to the limited number of passes available, Freshmen will not be allowed to park on campus.