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Check Out Procedure

For the safety of our students, we require written authorization in advance to release students. This may be accomplished in several ways:

  • Send a written note with your student in the morning, a pass will be prepared and handed to your student to leave as instructed.
  • Email the DHS attendance office at
  • A parent/legal guardian is required to come to the front door and sign their student out.

When submitting written notification please include the following information: student’s name, date, and time student is to leave, and indicate if student will be returning. If you are having your student picked up by someone not on your Infinite Campus contact list, that person will be required to come into the front office sign your student out and provide a photo ID. As a reminder DHS is a closed campus for Freshmen and Sophomores.  These students will not be released during lunch period without a parent/guardian physically coming to the school to sign them out and sign them back in.

checkout procedure

We appreciate your assistance in supporting the measures we are taking to insure the safety of our students. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have at 782-5136.

90% Attendance Policy

You may not be absent from a class more than 9 periods during a semester or you may receive "No Credit" (NC) for that class.

If you have more than 9 absences in a class during a semester, you need to appeal the additional absences. You must make up the work and have your teacher sign it that you have done so. You can get appeal information from the attendance secretary at extension 1870 or the truancy officer at extension 1833.

Truancies are unexcused absences. These not only count into your total, but they can also cause you to receive detentions and loss of full credit on missing assignments and tests.

Tardy Policy

If you come late to class without a pass you are not excused.

  • Tardy #1-2 Teacher warning.
  • Tardy #3-5 Teacher will hold student after class; possible contact of parent.students study
  • Tardy #6-9 Results in 4 days lunch detention + 2 additional days lunch detention for 1 day missed.
  • Tardy #10-15 Results in 10 days lunch detention + 2 additional days of lunch detention for any 1 day missed.
  • #16 Tardies- Results in 1 day ISS and a call home. Parent or guardian may offer to shadow student instead of ISS.

Additional tardies will result in further ISS and potential OSS.

As an upper classman -- You may lose off campus privileges.

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

To view and print the pre-arranged absence form click on the following link DHS Pre-Arranged Absence Form.