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Special Events & Programs

MEFIYI LEADERSHIP 4 TEENS (L4T) virtual workshop “College Planning for every year of High School” will be held on

January 26th (Juniors); 

February 11th (Seniors);

February 18th (Sophomores) 

February 23rd (Freshman) from 7-8:00pm. 

Savannah Allmett, Boise State University Admissions Counselor & DHS Alumnus, will provide information helping students on their path to higher education. 

Online registration is available at . 

For more information email

Nevada Girls State Camp
Nevada Girls State Link

Foreign Exchange Program 
Would you like to study abroad during high school? Use this resource to begin planning your academic adventure outside the US.

Boys State  and Girls State
Both the Nevada Girls and Boys State are held in mid-June. This program is designed to provide training in leadership and citizenship for America’s most promising youths. The American Legion believes that by teaching our young people about the ideals and principles on which the American government was founded we can help ensure a safe and prosperous future for our republic.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 
The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is one of the most significant and growing programs of the Rotary service. Each year, thousands of young people take part in the program worldwide. Each year, over 100 young people who have just completed their junior year in high school are invited to take part in the RYLA camp at Granlibakken Conference in Tahoe City. Participants spend a week in a challenging program of discussions, inspirational addresses, leadership training and social activities.

Rotary Youth Exchange Program 
Every year the local Rotary chapter selects 1-2 students to live and attend school in a foreign country for approximately 1 year. Students must be 15 – 19 years of age, above average academically, articulate and demonstrate community leadership skills.

Hugh 'O Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) 
The purpose of the HOBY Leadership Conference is to bring together a select group of high school sophomores who have potential or demonstrated leadership ability. This conference is a highly interactive weekend that introduces the student to distinguished leaders of the community from various sectors such as business, technology, education, government, arts, and science. Through intense panel discussions, the student is able to get a realistic look at our nation; its people and your own role within the world community.

Yearly event and scholarship for future leaders of America
US senate youth program