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Junior Class Students and Parents, it is time to schedule a registration meeting with your counselor to discuss Senior Year classes. Please choose a day and time on the website for your counselor between January 21, 2020 and February 6, 2020. Select the appropriate counselor as assigned by last name. Thank you. 

If you are a Junior you will take the ACT, in school, February 25th, 2020.

Why do you want to take the ACT?

  • Completion of this test is a graduation requirement for Nevada High School students.  

  • The ACT is an exam accepted by all colleges and universities to make admissions decisions - the better you do the more options you have.

  • There are many scholarships offered based on ACT scores - the better you do, the more scholarship options and the higher their value.

  • Some employers want to see ACT scores to help determine your eligibility for a job.

  • Normally it costs $67 to take the ACT with the writing section.  On February 25th, there is no cost to our Douglas High School juniors.

How can I prepare and improve my score on the ACT?

Attend the weekly practice sessions offered by our teaching staff.  IMPORTANT: Sign up with Mrs. Winter in room 725 or email at to reserve your seat in each session. 


Two types of sessions will be offered each week.  

1) Practice Tests – Section practice ACTs administered by a teacher, emulating real testing conditions and time constraints offered each Thursday preceding the February 25th exam.  Students will be given the full ACT document (all sections) and answers so they can complete the test at home, and determine their own scores.

2) Test-Taking Strategies and Content Remediation – Each week there will also be a session to teach test-taking strategies and content remediation. The first weeks will be for specific content as shown below.


All are 2:20-4pm

Practice Exam 

Full exam will be given to take home with 1-2 sections proctored during each session.

Test-Taking Strategies & Content Remediation  

Thursday, January 9

Mathematics (60 minutes)

Room 725 (Winter)


Thursday, January 16

English (45 minutes) & Reading (35 minutes)

Room 725 (Winter)


Room 702 Alley

Thursday, January 23

Science (35 minutes) 

Room 725 (Winter)


Room 205 Santos

Thursday, January 30

Writing (40 minutes) &Science (35 minutes)

Room 725 (Winter)


Room 230 Thomas

Thursday, February 6

Mathematics (60 minutes) 

Room 725 (Winter)


Room 702, 205 & 230

Thursday, February 13

English (45 minutes) & Reading (35 minutes)

Room 725 (Winter)


Room 702, 205 & 230

Registration for each session must be completed no later than the Wednesday prior to that session.  Rooms are subject to change.


  • Snacks/drinks – we will be here for a few hours and you’ll get hungry!

  • Pencil

  • Calculator (for math sections)


Need help with your school work?

Help is in the Media Center Tuesday and Thursday 2:15-3:15

Students who understand and can help will be there to work with you.

Tired student


Welcome to DHS Counseling

Office Hours: Mondays through Fridays 7am - 4pm.  Saturdays will be by appointment only.

  • Kira Brown: Last names A-Da 
    782-5136 | ext. 1716

  • Roxann Mossholder: Last names De-He  Welcome to our newest counselor!!
    782-5136 | ext. 1794

  • Shari Andreasen: Last names Hi-Me
    782-5136 | ext. 1718

  • Lisa Maslach: Last names Mi-Sa 
    782-5136 | ext. 1719

  • Vanessa Ozolins: Last names Sc-Z 
    782-5136 | ext. 1717

Counseling SecretarIES
  • Anita Ovard: Registrar 
    782-5136 | ext. 1731
  • Kim Sweeney: Infinite Campus Secretary 
    782-5136 | ext. 1714
  • Roberta Butterfield: Competency Secretary 
    782-5136 | ext. 1734
  • Vicky Torres: Counseling Secretary 
    782-5136 | ext. 1713