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Scholarship Opportunities

Please check back as we have not started updating details for the class of 2024. Contact to report inaccuracies or issues with this page.

National and Regional Scholarships

Local Scholarships

See the list of opportunities below and check back weekly for deadline updates starting October 2024.

Local scholarships are open to Douglas High School or Douglas County graduates specifically. These are provided by local businesses and organizations to help our students who qualify based on the sponsoring organization's requirements.

Many of our local donors use the Douglas High School Common Application Packet. See this side-bar section for help assembling your CAP with a personal statement, three letters of recommendation, transcript, and general information form.

If you are a business or organization interested in offering a local scholarship, contact to join the list of local scholarships offered to Douglas High School students.

* Denotes scholarship details are not yet available 2023-24

DHS Common Application Packet:

  1. Make a cover sheet (sample) with your name and the name of the scholarship you're applying for.
  2. Complete the CAP General Application form online and print a copy for each packet you make.
  3. Personal Statement - modify your personal statement autobiography to fit the criteria indicated on the scholarship you're applying for.
  4. Recommendations - include at least three printed copies of recommendations from teachers, employers, or community members who know you (request form).
  5. Unofficial transcript - request a copy from

Local Scholarships Applications Tips

Local scholarships may be turned in to DHS room 302 before school, at lunch, or after school. Please do not turn in applications during passing or class periods. 

  • Do not turn in applications in an envelope
  • Please use a cover page as directed for the DHS CAP when turning in an application
  • Students must sign in each application for each scholarship they apply for. This process takes a couple minutes, therefore, please plan to turn in applications before school, at lunch, or after school.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship award night will be held at LifePoint Church at 6pm on May 29, 2024. LifePoint is located 1095 Stephanie Way, Minden, NV 89423. Students receiving an award will be invited by letter delivered to 5th period by May 22.

Following announcement of your award, students are expected to write a thank you and provide their school/program information to the sponsoring organization.

Scholarship money will be mailed directly to the school you indicate on your information form. Please return your student information form directly to your donor or drop off in room 302 by June 7, 2024.


My Scholarship Planner

If you are applying for several scholarships, consider writing down and tracking the important details for each of the different scholarships. Use this "My Scholarships" planner to help you get started. Remember, it is helpful to have your application completed at least a week before it is due to fix any issues that arise with your application.

Scholarship Thank You

If you are fortunate to be the recipient of a scholarship, please be sure to write a thank you follow-up letter. To help you get started, check out Resume IO's tips.

Local scholarship opportunities are provided by DCSD elementary and middle schools, local businesses, philanthropic service and political organizations that set the criteria for selecting the recipients of their awards.

Please contact if you have any questions about a local scholarship or would like to contact the representative from the donating organization.



Local Scholarship Deadlines

September 2023
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Aug 27
Mon, Aug 28
Tue, Aug 29
Wed, Aug 30
Thu, Aug 31
Fri, Sep 1
Sat, Sep 2
Sun, Sep 3
Mon, Sep 4
Tue, Sep 5
Wed, Sep 6
Thu, Sep 7
Fri, Sep 8
Sat, Sep 9
Sun, Sep 10
Mon, Sep 11
Tue, Sep 12
Wed, Sep 13
Thu, Sep 14
Fri, Sep 15
Sat, Sep 16
Sun, Sep 17
Mon, Sep 18
Tue, Sep 19
Wed, Sep 20
Thu, Sep 21
Fri, Sep 22
Sat, Sep 23
Sun, Sep 24
Mon, Sep 25
Tue, Sep 26
Wed, Sep 27
Thu, Sep 28
Fri, Sep 29
Sat, Sep 30